Thursday, February 11, 2010

OK, here's a quickie! Just a couple new photos... First up is some shots from my shoot with DDiablo Diangikis.

This shot was two lights, a large octabox bouncing off the white wall left rear and an AB Ring flash shooting thru a translucent umbrella on the right. Photoshop included a little bit of over exposure and bumping up the contrast.

Here you can see the 5' octabox directly behind firing toward the camera and again, AB ring flash camera right firing through a translucent umbrella. Photoshop included some over exposure adjustment and burning on the shirt and hat.

This shot is simply an AB ring flash camera right. Photoshop included some hue and saturation adjustments and some blurring on the floor to the left.

And a couple from this weeks shoot with DaKyissa Hall

Extremely simple shot, 1 speedlite, 540ex in a PRS softbox fired by pocket wizard.

This is a similar setup as the first set, Octabox camera left, AB ring flash thru a translucent umbrella camera right. Notice the shadow at the feet. Very simple photo shopping on both, skin smoothing and crop!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New CD/DVD Design

Just a quick post, I'm now printing my client disks! Shoots that require/request a final CD/DVD will look like this...